After 22 km (a bit more than a half-marathon) walking through the beautiful city of Vienna, I finished the challenge with 12 photos for 12 topics. 
Check out my Top 6: Capture Tomorrow, Mut zur Farbe (Dare to show colour), Das Leben ist ein Spiel (Life is a game), Mein Millennium Genussmoment (Millennium moment of indulgence), Halbiert (Halves), Millennium Architektur (Millennium architecture)

For more information about the Wiener Fotomarathon check out the website:
Disclaimer: For the purposes of the challenge all photos had to be submitted unedited. Only filters and Black'n'White options set on the camera, before taking the images, were allowed.   
However, for my own purpose of publishing the photos on my website, I did enhance the photos with some basic editing. 
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